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Funky Soap UK Oatmilk and Argan Solid Shampoo Bar (sensitive scalp)

Funky Soap UK Oatmilk and Argan Solid Shampoo Bar (sensitive scalp)

19.90 SGD
This is a shampoo bar for even the most sensitive scalp and skin. It is completely fragrance free and very mild and gently cleansing. It can be used to soothe scalp conditions such as psoriasis and excema. It contains oat milk and also argan oil. Oats are especially useful to combat skin conditions. They help in the recovery of the eczematous skin by moisturizing, restoring the skin barrier, reducing itching, and regulating inflammation. Oats also help to soothe irritated and itchy scalp and skin due to any cause and aid in the healing of psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory nature. Just lather up between your hands or a sponge and use like a shampoo. You can leave it on yor head for a few minutes to get the full effect of the treatment.

Nett Weight: one bar of 65g. 

Ingredients: sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium castorate (castor oil), sodium palmate (certified sustainable palm oil), aqua, glycerine, sodium rapeseedate (rapeseed oil), sodium arganate (argan oil) sodium almondate (almond oil), oat milk contains no animal products, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals these soaps are 100% natural and handmade in small batches. Shape, colour, scent, size and appearance can vary slightly between batches and it is in the nature of this product. As they are all natural scents they might not be as strong or develop when in use. Please keep your soap dry when you are not using it.