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200-piece GoBamboo Cotton Ear Buds

200-piece GoBamboo Cotton Ear Buds


These cotton buds have a bamboo stick and come in this elegant re cycled paper sliding box. The box is a sliding drawer type that was intended to be reused and is educational in that there is a story that unfolds as the drawer slides open. Go Bamboo products are designed to be disposed of in and around your own home. The waste was designed out of the product at the concept stage.

Made from 100% organic contain and bamboo wood which is biodegradable. 

Bamboo will grow in degenerated lands spaces, on mountainsides and in areas where trees cannot grow any more due to soil erosion over years.

It also produces between five to six times the amount of raw material per hectare when compared to trees grown for wood pulp, so able to answer the future needs of an industry and a growing global population. Because it reaches maturity for harvesting very fast, and in some cases grows three feet per day it produces 35-45% more oxygen per hectare over the preferred tree commonly used across the world for wood pulp.

GoBamboo is a brand of New Zealand.