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Large Natural Loofah Multi-purpose scrub

Large Natural Loofah Multi-purpose scrub

We love multi-purpose products; that's why the organic loofah scrub gets our picks! Being naturally grown and processed, its fibers are gentle enough to scrub fruits and vegetables yet tough enough to clean dirty dishes and stubborn pots and pans. 

Made from the natural growing Luffa plant, loofahs are completely eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable product, fabricated from a sustainable agricultural crop. When loofah biodegrades into the soil it helps replenish the soil with nitrogen as well as helping to retard erosion. Ditch all those synthetic sponges which shed micro-fiber pieces that pollutes our waterways and takes hundreds of years to degrade. Our loofah scrubs are 100% biodegradable in months, being an organic material!

Also a popular alternative to plastic bath lilies; this loofah scrub helps to gently buff off dead skin and grime from the body.

Each hand-cut piece measures a generous 16cm x 10cm. You can cut it into smaller pieces for easier usage