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ReadtheLabel Red Argiletz Clay Powder Mask

ReadtheLabel Red Argiletz Clay Powder Mask

22.90 SGD
Red Argiletz Clay differentiates in colour depending on what fossil it comes from. Recommended for people with dry or mature skin this mask leaves your skin with a rosey hue that helps, Stimulates blood circulation. All our clays reduce shine on the skin and will leave it feeling toned and soft. Using equal parts liquid and clay, apply with brush or finger, dabbing it on to the skin.

Because its in powder form, there is no expiry date as long as you keep it sealed in in a dry cool area. You can customize if to your liking by adding different carrier liquids like essential oil, water, milk, or even fruit juice!

Directions: Mix 80% of powder clay to 20% of water (about 8-10ml).
Always test first at 15 mins (try a few times to see what time suits your skin best). For very oily skin 20 - 30 mins. 

Made in UK.