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Reusable Bamboo Cotton Menstrual Panty liners (Light Flow)

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Menstrual Panty liners (Light Flow)

10.90 SGD
Did you know that the average woman uses about 9,500 - 10,000 menstrual pads in her lifetime? And more alarming to know, these items take a whopping 500-800 years to biodegrade... that's much longer than plastic!

By using our reusable bamboo cotton menstrual pads, you can help prevent adding to the landfill crisis. These pads are designed to handle even the heaviest of periods while staying comfortable. Artisanally made, the interior of the pad features premium double-layer microfiber material for dense absorption, which is then protected with a PUL waterproof material to prevent any leakages.

To wash, simply soak in water and detergent powder for a day and scrub, then hang to sun dry! With care, your pads should last you well up to more than 5 years.

Suitable for light flow, spotting use.  Measures at approx 18cm x 18cm.