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Rice Rice Baby Rice Milk Whitening Body Soap

Rice Rice Baby Rice Milk Whitening Body Soap

12 SGD

Our in-house line of handmade soaps! NO. SLS/ SLE. Petroleum. Colors or dyes. Chemical Addictives. Unscented, to preserve the full benefits of the active botanical ingredient.

100% handmade by our fair-trade, experienced soap artisan, and formulated for all skin types. Gently lathers easily without stripping skin's natural moisture.

 Rice Milk is a all natural ingredient and beauty secret that has been held by the Japanese women for centuries. Using organic rice milk, this special ingredient helps lighten scars and other dark spots on your face caused by sun damage. A good skin moisturizing agent, it helps to seal your skin with good moisture and helps eliminate excess oil secretion. Because of its extremely light and gentle cleansing powder, it is safe for those with sensitive skin or for babies.  

Ingredients: Saponified Virgin coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), olive oil, castor oil, Rice milk 

Weight: approx 90-92g