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ReadTheLabel Rose Geranium & Aloe Vera Toner

ReadTheLabel Rose Geranium & Aloe Vera Toner

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** Please note that there maybe slight bumps of the bottle due to delivery, but rest assured that the quality and condition of product is absolutely not affected. As such, we are happy to extend a 10% off for these bottles.

Ingredients : Geranium flower water pelargonium graveolens, Witch hazel hamamelis virginiana, Aloe vera aloe bardeadensis leaf extract,  Vegetable glycerine glycerin.  
Toner is a water based solution to keep the moisture in the upper layers of the skin to prevent skin dehydration. (This toner contains no alcohol which can be drying to the skin.) this blend has the added benefit of witch hazel, the classic cooling astringent and mild antiseptic that is known to tighten the capillaries and leave skin smooth and refreshed. Excellent as a summer spritzer, after sunburn care and part of a daily skin care routine applied after washing and before moisturisation. Overall benefits include being refreshing, cleansing, smoothing and suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

No synthetic chemicals used to create or mimic texture, fragrance, spreadability, colour or fragrance.