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Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Dish Scourer Scrub

Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Dish Scourer Scrub

This stainless steel scouer is made for durable and long-lasting use, and provides an effective clean without hurting your hands, thanks to its soft yet stretchy texture.  Specially designed stainless steel coils can cleans pot, pans, grills and oven, remove stubborn grease, grime easily while remaining easy to clean. Use it with cleaning detergents or without, and it works just as well.

Furthermore, because its a metal; bacteria is unable to thrive within it, unlike a sponge which retains dampness. There may be some formation of rust dust when dry so all you need to do is wash it off under running water and its good to reuse!

Best part is that it can be composted once its been well used, and is biodegradable back to nature.