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Reusable Snack/ Sandwich Food Bags

Reusable Snack/ Sandwich Food Bags

20 SGD

If you love piping pastries and street food on the go, then invest in these gorgeous reusable snack bags! A great green alternative to single use plastic bags, each of these reusable snack bags are handmade with quality 100% cotton fabric while the interior is lined with certified food-safe waterproof PUL fabric. And cleaning it is such a breeze: simple turn it inside out to handwash or just pop them in a laundry net and into the washing machine!

  • Exterior is 100% cotton fabric
  • Interior is ProCare certified food-grade waterproof fabric and is safe from any lead, phthalates, BPA or brominates
  • KAM Snap closure instead of velcro so no pesky crumbs will get stuck! 
  • As this is artisanally made, do note that pattern placements of fabric may differ
  • Dimensions: Approx 17.9 cm x 17.9cm