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#TOGInfoBites: A Green Living Guide

  • Running out of time & Carbon Budget: What we are doing to combat this

    We are running out of time.
    As a environmentalist, I want to give you the unvarnished truth of our climate change situation without the sugarcoating and sans aesthetic pictures.
    There are many branches to climate action, but we wanted to focus on Carbon Offset as our global carbon budget dwindles substantially each year
  • The Practicality of Zero Waste Living

    Practicality of Zero-Waste Living There’s been a growing momentum for zero-waste living for the last 2-3 years, especially in Singapore. I ...
  • Compostable/biodegradable bags: are they truly eco-friendly?

    Compostable and biodegradable bags. In the turn of the green movement, this was touted as a win and a change by many big brands...but is it really as environmentally friendly as it seems? 
  • Brushing with Toothpowder: why its better for you & Earth

    Commercial toothpaste often contains very little of good stuff or contains undesirable ingredients like flouride, triclosan (hormone disruptor), SLS (surfectant)...
  • The difference between Solid Shampoo bars & Hair Soaps

    Now we all know solid shampoo bars are great because it replaces liquid ones in 350-400ml plastic bottles. But are all solid shampoos created equal?
  • What's in a reusable metal straw?

    On this first issue, I want to talk about an iconic item to eco warriors: the reusable straw. Ah, the quintessential reusable straw. Interestingly...