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Coconut Milk Nourishing Body Soap (Deluxe 130g)

Coconut Milk Nourishing Body Soap (Deluxe 130g)

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Our coconut milk soaps contain lots of fatty acids. The soap is formulated to deep cleanse the skin by removing all sorts of impurities (dirt, dust, dead cells, etc.) and that too while maintaining skin's natural hydration. In short, it acts as a gentle, yet effective facial cleanser.

Coconut milk has high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin. It is also rich in copper, and prevents wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, olive and castor, organic coconut milk

Nett weight: +/- 130g. Cold-processed and artisanally made.