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Multipurpose Organic Soap Nuts - TroveofGaia
Multipurpose Organic Soap Nuts - TroveofGaia
Multipurpose Organic Soap Nuts - TroveofGaia

Multipurpose Organic Soap Nuts

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Washing your clothes may leave you feeling clean but in actual fact, commercial laundry detergents contain alot of chemical additives and artificial fragrances. Plus, as it gets washed into our waterways, they add to the growing pollution to the environment. That's why we've brought in our certified Soap Nuts (Soap Berries). This organic, sustainable natural resource that grows wild and its dried fruit produce a "soap" (saponin) when its in contact with water. We only use the most luscious soap berry type, Sapindus Mukorossi; and each piece is sun-dried and de-seeded for use.

Not only does it leave your laundry clean and fresh, its also gentle for delicate fabrics. They are very effective in removing soil and odors while leaving fabrics soft and absorbent. If you have allergies, are sensitive to commercial chemicals and fragrances, then soap nut are the perfect alternative for you.
Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, eco-friendly and biodegradable
Low sudsing - perfect for high efficiency (he) washers
Free of synthetic chemicals, fillers, toxins, dyes and perfumes
Ideal for cloth cotton diaper laundering
Imported only from a Fair Trade, family business supplier

To use, simply put in 6-8 pieces of full soap nuts into the cotton linen bag provided and toss it into the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes. Do make sure you don't have too full a load to allow the soap nut to have ample room to activate with water. You can use it for about 5-6 times before the soap nuts lose their soapy efficacy, before disposing it or composting.