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100% Coconut Oil Household Soap Bar (for Dishwashing & Laundry) - TroveofGaia

100% Coconut Oil Household Soap Bar (for Dishwashing & Laundry)

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Love your pretty menstural pads but get such a headache when it comes to washing them?

Fret not, we have the solution. This 100% organic coconut oil based laundry soap is perfect in breaking down those stubborn blood protein stain, and is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Since it is formulated without any harmful SLS, parabens and sulphates, it does not leave any chemical residue that may harm your sensitive areas and the environment when it goes into the waterways. If you are using this for hand-wash laundry, it also does not sap skin of moisture.

To use, simply rub the soap on the desired area and scrub the fabric. You may then leave the clothing to soak overnight before washing.
Alternatively, you can also grate or cut the soap into smaller pieces and throw it in together with the rest of your laundry in the washing machine for a superior cleaner wash!

Net weight: 100-110g