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Green Kulture Multipurpose Cleaner Liquid (1L) - TroveofGaia
Green Kulture Multipurpose Cleaner Liquid (1L) - TroveofGaia

Green Kulture Multipurpose Cleaner Liquid (1L)

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Green Kulture is a homegrown brand developed and manufactured in Singapore.  Created with the goal to promote a healthier lifestyle through sustainable solutions and a chemical-free environment. Made with natural plant-derived probiolytic solution from fruit and vegetable enzymes that effectively function as cleaning agents while ensuring child safe, non-toxic results.

This Multi-Purpose Cleaner is non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about rinsing after use. An excellent go-to cleaner for all around the house, plus it's effective for removing food stains on fabric and odors too. **Suitable for use on hard surfaces such as floor, table, chair, stove top, cabinet, bins, sink counters, glass and home appliances etc. 

NOTE: This package-free product is packaged in clean, sanitized upcycled plastic bottles upon order. 1st picture is for reference only.


Green Kulture Proprietary Water-Based Fruits-Derived Extract, Coconut Oil Derivatives, Alkyl C10-C16, Citric Acid, Essential Lemongrass, De-ionized Water


 Spray on any surface that requires cleaning. Allow solution to set for a few seconds and wipe off.

Key Features

  •  Formulated to deliver powerful cleaning action 
  •  Made from natural fruit and vegetable enzymes 
  •  Environmentally friendly 
  •  Biodegradable solution 
  •  Breaks down grease effectively 
  •  No harmful chemicals 
  •  pH balanced 
  •  Gentle on the skin 
  •  Deodorizing agent 
  •  Anti-bacterial 
  •  Child safe 
  •  Non-toxic