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Japanese Angelica Root Natural Brightening Body Soap

Japanese Angelica Root Natural Brightening Body Soap

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The Angelica Root is a type of plant herb found in Asian countries and is often used in traditional medicine and homeopathy. The variety from Japan that is cultivated and refined for topical cosmetic use is a potent anti-inflammatory. In Japanese, the herb is called “toki,” which translates to “recovering good health.”

Angelica's use as a natural topical solution is also seen as people apply it directly to the skin for skin disorders, nerve pain (neuralgia), and joint pain (rheumatism). Angelica contains nutrients, like antioxidants, valeric acid, vitamins, volatile oils, and numerous others, which are helpful for the treatment of different skin conditions naturally. It works to calm the epidermis and heal problems such as eczema and breakouts.

 Japanese angelica root helps to brighten skin and makes it look more even and uniform—a lot like what people go for with photo filters. And with use, it actually reduces patchiness for a truly more uniform skin tone.

Japanese Angelica Root Powder, Sea buckthorn Essential Oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil.

Nett Weight: 100g. Made using traditional Cold Process method