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Natural Reef-safe 3 Hour Vegan Sunscreen Balm (SPF40) - TroveofGaia

Natural Reef-safe 3 Hour Vegan Sunscreen Balm (SPF40)

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Did you know that commercial sunscreens have harmful ingredients that when contact into the sea, had inherently brought about damages to coral and sea life? Make the healthier and environmentally kinder switch to these Vegan sunblocks made from soy wax, non-nano zinc oxide, cocoa butter, shea butter and 4 carefully chosen oils namely:
(1) Argan oil-- prevents breakouts and helps fade acne scars;
(2) Jojoba oil-- balance production of excess oil;
(3) Safflower oil-- a premium oil base that helps break skin impurities and highly moisturizing; and
(4) Red Raspberry oil-- high anti-oxidant and contains natural SPF.

This renders 3-hour guaranteed skin protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and since this is made from non-toxic zinc, our marine life is also protected from the chemical-induced coral bleaching. Perfect for all nature enthusiasts may it be surfing, mountaineering, trail hiking or diving. Although the sunscreen applies on white, it leaves no white cast as you blend it into your skin.